Daryl Davies Fine Art Ltd has, for more than a quarter of a century, offered the Art Trade quality Traditional and Contemporary original paintings by renowned UK and International artists. We also have a Licensing Company.

Our niche businesses have for many years showcased the work of our exclusive artists at the premier International Art Trade & Licensing Fairs. Whether you are a gallery sourcing quality original paintings, or a publisher/manufacturer seeking exciting new artwork or designs, we can offer the work of more than 150 artists.

To this day, we strive to offer galleries original art that is diverse in style, distinctive, of excellent quality, and competitively priced. Clients' tastes vary enormously, but the requirement for quality is universal.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients attentive personal service and support, and enjoy working with them in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

This website is not our "shop window" as we only sell original paintings directly to the trade; it is only designed to display a small representative selection of the many fine artists we represent.

Our "mobile gallery" service covers the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, and offers our clients the best selection currently available. It delivers hundreds of fine paintings directly to our customer's doors on a regular basis. Despite the growth of web based businesses worldwide, we still believe it's the best way to serve our valued gallery clients.

A no obligation visit from us is just a phone call away.

Please contact Ian Carr

Office (0)1425 477 114 or Mobile 07831 550269

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